Question: Does It Rain A Lot In Playa Del Carmen?

Is there Uber in Playa del Carmen?

Whether you think the unregulated freedom that UBER can offer is a good thing or consider that it may affect the livelihoods of people (and their families) who spend a lot of money on permissions and fees to be able to transport passengers, the fact is that UBER is not available in Playa del Carmen, Cancun or anywhere ….

Is Playa del Carmen a party town?

Many people see Playa del Carmen as a lazy beach destination, or as a party town hidden in the shadow of Cancun, but it´s so much more. The exquisite mix of races and cultures in this small town have given way to an exciting and wonderful array of activities, restaurants, tour opportunities and arts.

What to do in Playa del Carmen when its raining?

10 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Playa del Carmen10 Fun Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Playa del Carmen. … Catch the Lastest Flick in our Movie Theaters. … Go Shopping. … Enjoy Mexican Coffee and Chocolate at Ah Cacao. … Explore the 3D Museum of Wonders. … Visit the Aquarium. … Pamper Yourself at a SPA. … Take a Cooking Class.More items…

Which is better Playa del Carmen or Cancun?

Cancun and Playa del Carmen offer very different vibes, Cancun’s Hotel Zone has a more modern city feel, while Playa del Carmen, although it has grown immensely, feels more like a town.

Is Playa del Carmen worth visiting?

Playa Del Carmen sits in the heart of the Riviera Maya. For tourist we are closer to most tourist destinations than Cancun. For people living here, the location affords an easy day or weekend trip to Mayan communities, colonial towns, cenotes, lakes, and remote beaches.

What is better Isla Mujeres or Playa del Carmen?

Isla Mujeres is great for a day trip. However, if you’re interested in relaxing, Playa del Carmen is the place for you. It’s smaller and you can walk almost everywhere you need to go.

What is the best month to go to Playa del Carmen?

The best time to visit Playa del Carmen is between April and May, when there are fewer people along the shore. Day temperatures hover between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, dropping slightly in the evenings. From October to March, the climate is generally dry and slightly warm.

Is Cancun safer than Playa del Carmen?

Safety in Cancun and Playa del Carmen While you need to exercise caution no matter where you travel, both of these touristy towns fall on the safer side. There is no current travel warning for either area.

What is the hottest month in Riviera Maya?

Fast Climate FactsHottest Months: May and June (82 F / 28 C)Coldest Month: January (73 F / 23 C)Wettest Month: September (6.8 inches / 173 mm)Windiest Month: March.Warmest Water Temps: August (85 F / 29 C)

Is it raining all day in Cancun?

Average Rainfall in Cancun The most rain occurs from June until October. The good news is that it often only rains for 1-3 days and then it is over or there is a shower and then it goes away. The month with the least rain is February or March.

Where should I stay in Playa del Carmen?

There are five main areas to stay in Playa del Carmen:Centro – Downtown Playa del Carmen. Jose Ignacio Soto/Shutterstock. … Quinta Avenida – Fifth Avenue. Maciej Czekajewski/Shutterstock. … Calle 12 – Nightlife District. Dan/Flickr. … Playacar. Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock. … Mayakoba. @Hotel Fairmont Mayakoba.

Is it safe to go to Playa del Carmen right now?

The Mayan Rivera is considered a safe area and Playa Del Carmen generally is considered a safe place, compared to other tourist destinations. Like in any other tourist place, there are things to watch out for. Pickpockets operate on beaches and your possessions should not be left unattended while in water.

Is Tulum better than Playa del Carmen?

Tulum is more the destination of choice for those looking for an off-the-beaten-path, back-to-nature adventure where everything is much more rustic, small-scale, and low-key than in Playa del Carmen. Playa del Carmen is the better choice for those looking for a little more action and modern accommodation than in Tulum.

Is playacar a gated community?

Playacar is a gated community comprised of two phases within the charming city of Playa del Carmen. … A few years later, the second phase in Playacar was developed around a championship golf course, now The Hard Rock Golf Club Riviera Maya.

How far is Playa del Carmen from Cancun?

42 milesThe distance from Cancun to Playa del Carmen is only 42 miles (68 km). The journey takes about 45 minutes by car or an hour by bus, depending on traffic.

Are there hurricanes in Playa del Carmen?

2 – We haven’t had a major hurricane in 10 years Playa del Carmen is located in the peninsula, and in an area where we are susceptible to hurricanes. Hurricane season is quite long and lasts for months. Officially it starts in June and ends in November.

How long is the boat ride from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel?

45 minuteThe primary gateway between Cozumel and the mainland of the Yucatan Peninsula, including Cancun and the Riviera Maya, is the passenger ferry from Playa del Carmen. Thousands of tourists and locals every day take the 45 minute ride to or from Cozumel. It’s very easy, and runs nearly every hour.

Is there a rainy season in Playa del Carmen?

Average Rainfall in Playa Del Carmen The most rain occurs from June until October. The good news is that it often only rains for 1-3 days and then it is over or there is a shower and then it goes away. The month with the least rain is February. September has the most rainfall.