How Would You Describe A Goal Oriented Person?

How do you describe someone who is goal oriented?

energetic, enthusiastic, earnest, determined, aggressive, resourceful, anxious, ardent, aspiring, avid, come on, designing, desirous, driving, eager, eager beaver, enterprising, hopeful, hungry, industrious..

How would you describe your goals?

Here are some tips to help you explain your career goals clearly, without potentially being misunderstood:Be precise. … Focus on a specific industry. … Draft your preferred job description. … List what you want to achieve. … Know the level of responsibility you can handle. … Know that you can enjoy the job.

How do you show your goal oriented?

Use these tips to help you be more goal-oriented at work:Separate larger goals into smaller actions.Plan your time.Organize tasks by priority.Write everything down.Try time-saving strategies.Motivate yourself.Develop productive habits.Regularly track your progress.More items…•

What’s another word for detail oriented?

Some common synonyms of meticulous are careful, punctilious, and scrupulous. While all these words mean “showing close attention to detail,” meticulous may imply either commendable extreme carefulness or a hampering finicky caution over small points.

What is a goal driven person?

Goal driven or goal oriented means setting targets and objectives that will make progress throughout your life much smoother. A goal driven person will work much harder whenever there are deadlines to be met. To be successful in life there must be the desire to set goals and work towards achieving them.

What are the 5 smart objectives?

By making sure the goals you set are aligned with the five SMART criteria (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound), you have an anchor on which to base all of your focus and decision-making.

What is your goal answer?

If your short-term goal is to learn new skills, for instance, your long-term goal might be to gain a managerial position that allows you to lead a team. Focus on guiding yourself toward the future you envision. Keep your answers honest, but let the company and position guide you.

What is another word for passionate?

SYNONYMS FOR passionate 1 excitable, emotional, impulsive, zealous. 1, 3, 4 ardent, impassioned, excited, fervent, warm, enthusiastic, earnest, glowing, burning, fiery; animated, impetuous, violent. 5 testy, choleric, hasty, short-tempered, fiery, hotheaded.

What is goal oriented behavior?

Goal orientation is an “individual disposition towards developing or validating one’s ability in achievement settings”. … Studies have also used goal orientation to predict sales performance, goal setting, learning and adaptive behaviors in training, and leadership.

Is goal oriented a personality trait?

What is the “goal-oriented” personality trait? For this person, it all comes back to their goals. A day that brings them closer to those goals is a day well spent. They tend to be driven, future-focused and competitive.

What is Type C personality?

The Type C personality is a very detail-oriented individual who likes to be involved in things that are controlled and stable. … People who can’t seem to control their emotions will bother them because Type C personalities believe being emotional makes objectivity difficult or perhaps impossible.

What is your career goal?

What Are Career Goals? While most may think career goals are simply defined by the position or job they want to have, the actual goals are the steps you should take to reach that end result.

What is a task oriented person?

Task-oriented personalities tend to: Focus on their to-do list and the things they hope to accomplish. Be concerned with productivity and efficiency. Have concrete goals and detailed lists.

Who is a goal oriented leader?

Examples of goal-oriented leaders include sales managers, teachers, sports coaches, or mentors who set a series of challenges to encourage learning and development. A team sports coach, for example, not only focuses on the overall goal of winning, but may also give each member of the team different individual goals.

What is goal oriented learning?

Mastery goal orientation refers to individuals who are intrinsically motivated and seek to develop their skills and competence through mastering challenging situations. … Adult students who own mastery goal orientation persevere in the development of competence and view errors as part of their learning process.